We value the opinions of parents very highly within our setting. Our Parent Partnership Planning Board and Parent Observations allow parents to support us in tracking and promoting development within the EYFS. Staff support parents in providing ideas of things to do at home allowing parents to take an active role in their child’s learning and development. There is a large parent notice board in the nursery reception which is updated regularly with relevant information.

Parents evenings are held regularly to enable staff to keep parents informed about their childs progress and to give parents advice and support around certain situations. Additional parent meetings are offered for various development milestones such as the 2 year old check which is done in conjunction with each child’s health visitor. We offer a Gradual transition and detailed  induction process which includes a detailed visit, where parents are invited to speak with their child’s key worker and share information before their child starts.

As a social enterprise the nursery is partly run/supported by a parents forum, which in conjunction with the Children’s Centre and nursery management team, oversees the overall dynamics and daily organisation of the business.  The forum meets regularly and all parents are offered the opportunity to attend.   The opinions of all forum members are valued and any decisions that need to be made are done so as a whole team. 

Both the Maden Early Years Nursery and the childen’s centre have a Facebook page which can be accessed and shared by nursery parents.  We have a very effective key worker system which provides stability and security for both children and parents. A key worker is responsible for observing, and tracking each child’s development as well as primarily meeting their physical needs such as changing their nappy, supporting them at mealtimes and administering medication. Each child also has a secondary key person to ensure their needs are met even when staff are absent.