Sensory Room

Sight, sound and smell are all senses that can be stimulated within our sensory room. We have bubble lamps, projectors, fibre optics and scent machines amongst the many resources. These encourage young children’s explorations and offer support in meeting their individual needs, particularly for those children who have some form of developmental need.

Soft Play

Within the building there is a community cafe called “The Deep End”. This has a soft play area within it that is open to the community, and the nursery children have access to it throughout the day. This type of play allows the children to explore and extend their physical skills in an area where accidents are much less likely. 


This area gives children the health benefits of fresh air yet protects them from the sometimes harsh weather extremes of the wind, rain and snow. We aim to provide children with natural experiences within this area, to try and mirror the learning opportunities of being truly outdoors. This area can be accessed from the Baby room, and the 2-3’s room, meaning all the age groups have the opportunity to mix, and teach each other important social skills. Although the Pre-school children do not have direct access to this area, they do utilise it during adult led activities.

Large Outdoor area

Our outdoor play area offers a wide variety of natural experiences and resources. The children are encouraged to explore their world and to learn through their senses. The children do have access to bikes and tricycles as well as standard outdoor toys i.e. balls & ropes etc. but a large emphasis is placed upon the value of natural play. We therefore have lots of stones, logs, leaves, tree bark and soil etc available. These can be used in lots ways and can be used to represent a wide variety of possible play things.