Can I come and view the nursery?

The nursery offers an open door policy which means that parents can come and look around any time they feel appropriate. There is no need to make an appointment, just pop into the children’s centre and ask on reception for a member of nursery staff. 

How do I book a place for my child?

There are numerous ways of securing a place for your child. You can either ring up and speak to a member of the management team, or you can pop in and see us face to face. There is no requirement for a deposit but we do ask that you specify the days you need and a start date. 

Are your staff qualified?

Most staff at the nursery are qualified to Level 3 or above. We do have some staff working towards a qualification as we feel that every person needs support to develop their vocational and professional skills and knowledge. These staff are supported by our highly experienced qualified staff team. 

Do you check staff details?

All staff are asked to complete a Criminal Record Check and submit personal details before they start with us. It is listed in every staff members contract that they are expected to update management of any changes which may affect their eligibility to work with children. These checks are reviewed at least every three years. 

Do you operate an inclusion policy?

Yes we have a very detailed inclusion policy which places emphasis on valuing every individual and which aims to prevent social exclusion. 

How safe and secure is your building?

The nursery doors are all securely locked with access only becoming available through a pin code entry. Only staff members are given these pin codes. Students, volunteers and professionals do not have access without being assisted. For parents accessing the 0-3 age groups there is a video entry system and in Pre School, parents have to ring for a member of staff to open the door. There is CCTV installed in every room and corridor in the nursery. There is a signing in/out procedure for ALL visitors. 

What happens if my child is poorly?

Each staff member knows their key child very well. If they suspect they are unwell the first thing they will do is contact you directly. All staff are first aid trained which means they are able to effectively monitor and treat  signs and symptoms and also deal with any emergencies which may arise. Staff follow guidelines from the Department of Health in relation to infection control and work with parents to minimise risk. Staff are able to administer prescribed medication where appropriate, and will always gain your permission before this is done. If staff feel that a child is too unwell to be at nursery, they will contact you as soon as possible. 

Are there any job vacancies available?

We do not currently have any job vacancies available.